Is this Scotland's youngest Munro bagger?

Baby Lara Mills was born to adventure, scaling her first Scottish mountain aged just six-weeks-old.

Lara Mills pictured at the Old Man of Storr on Skye. She reached the top of her first Munro - Ben Lomond - aged just four-months-old.

First on her list of achievements was reaching the edge of the famous Aonach Eagach at Glencoe. By four-months-old, she was at the summit of first Munro and enjoying the views from Ben Lomond on a breezy day.

All in all, dressed in a red snow suit, she has ventured to the top of 12 hills and mountains across Scotland - all with a little help from her parents Scott Mills and Deborah MacDonald.

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For the couple, it is only natural that their love of the great outdoors is shared with their daughter, who is said to "squeal" with excitement while out and about on her adventures.

Lara with her father Scott Mills, a Marine, on Ben Lomond,

Even before she was born, Lara, who is now five-months-old, had covered a distance higher than Everest with her mother completing 27 hills and mountains during her pregnancy with the climbs continuing until just weeks before the birth.

Ms MacDonald said: "I really wanted to carry on once Lara was born and since then we haven't really stopped. We were really back out there.

"A lot of people said to me 'oh you won't be able to do that'. My view was always that I wasn't going to be doing anything dangerous.

"A big part of my own mental wellness comes from being outside and I am pretty sure that is why everything, the pregnancy and the birth, went smoothly- because of my own good health.

Lara's first mountain adventure took her to the shoulder of Aonach Eagach at Glencoe.

"We are certain that all that fresh air contributes to Lara being such a happy baby who sleeps soundly."

Ms MacDonald, of Blanefield, Stirlingshire, who works in the food and drinks industry, said the reaction from other climbers to their family adventures had been "a bit mixed".

"Some people say to me 'you shouldn't be doing that, what if you drop her?' I can only say that Lara's safety is always our primary concern. She is in a carrier, she is safe, and to be honest you could fall over on a street as much as you could on a mountain.

"Lara absolutely loves it. She squeals with excitement! I honestly think it is the best thing for her

Lara and her father at Old Man of Storr

"Others love seeing us out and about and have congratulated us, saying they hope that they can do the same sorts of thing with their children. That is a really nice thing to say."

Father Scott, a Marine, carries his daughter in a baby backpack having first transported her in a front carrier when she was very young.

Ms MacDonald said Lara did not venture onto the the ridge or summit at Aonach Eagach given the dangerous terrain which was "definitely not suitable for babies."

But the trip to the ridge shoulder was her first experience of breast feeding on the mountainside, with jackets and extra layers sheltering Lara from the elements.

Ms MacDonald added: "Ben Lomond was her first true Munro summit, on one of the windiest days I’ve ever experienced on a mountain. She was four- months old and it was her first time in the baby backpack. Up until then, she had always been carried on her front."

Lara has also travelled widely, visiting six countries so far, including Norway, New Zealand and the United States. A camping trip on Skye was particularly memorable with a campervan trip around Europe soon to follow.

Ms MacDonald, who runs the Caledonian Wayfarer blog which charts her family's travels, said her own love of the outdoors stemmed from growing up close to Loch Lomond.

"I always loved the outdoors and had a bit of a passion for the mountains. I would really love Lara to lead an outdoor lifestyle.

"Particularly now, when we can easily live in this bubble of technology, I really feel it is so important for children to be able to be outdoors and play outside. It is so important for your health, both physical and mental. I hope one day, she is asking us if we can go out for walks."

"We hope to encourage other parents to get out there with their little ones, daunting as it may seem

"Although things take a little longer and more preparation is required, the rewards are worth it."