In Pictures: Queen Elizabeth II and her Prime Ministers since 1952 - from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss

The late Queen Elizabeth II appointed many Prime Ministers over the years, but just how many Prime Ministers served the Queen? Let’s take a look back at the heads of government who served her Majesty during her 70-year reign from 1952.

From Winston Churchill who led Britain through World War 2, to the newly appointed Liz Truss who is the last Prime Minister to have received the Queen’s blessing, 15 prime ministers have served her Majesty over seven decades.

After the announcement from Buckingham Palace that the Queen peacefully died in Balmoral Castle, the UK has mourned their longest-serving monarch and reflected on her legacy.

This national mourning culminates today as the Queen’s state funeral is set to begin at 11am in Westminster.

In remembrance, here are the 15 prime ministers that held the privilege of serving under the Queen during her 70-year reign.

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