Grew up in Edinburgh in the ‘90s? These 18 pictures will make you feel nostalgic

Little Marcos parties, epic flumes at the Commie Pool, enjoying some pick n mix from Woolworths, these simple joys defined our childhood in Edinburgh during the ‘90s.

We’ve all seen ‘only 90s kids will remember’ posts which remind us of the days of tamagotchi, rewinding cassette tapes with pencils, and the joy of playing 3D Pinball on your Windows 95 desktop.

But what about the ‘only 90s kids from Edinburgh will remember’ editions, surely there are nostalgic novelties connected to our wee pocket of Scotland?

Well, indeed there are, and whether you grew up as a millennial or a bit before/after in Gen X or Gen Z, many of these examples will spark fond memories of your time in Edinburgh during this golden age.

Here are eighteen things that you will remember if you grew up in Edinburgh during the ‘90s.