Views of some of Scotland's largest lochs.Views of some of Scotland's largest lochs.
Views of some of Scotland's largest lochs.

Biggest Lochs in Scotland: These are the 10 largest Scottish lochs by area - from mighty Loch Lomond to huge Loch Ericht

If you’re picturing the perfect Scottish view there’s a fair chance that there will be a loch in it.

It’s estimated that there are over 30,000 lochs in Scotland – from vast bodies of water to tiny lochans.

Their evocative names are known around the world, whether it’s the monster residing in Loch Ness or the famous oysters of Loch Fyne.

From attracting tourists in their droves, to providing a place to enjoy a range of recreational activities for generations of Scots, the country’s lochs are a key part of its magical geography.

Here are the 10 biggest in Scotland by surface area.

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