9 photos that prove that autumn is the best season in Scotland

Everyone loves the summer - and then the autumn comes.

The Hermitage at Dunkeld shows autumn in all its glory.

Scotland is at its best when the leaves turns, the sun lowers and the wonder of nature fully goes on show.

When the autumn sun falls over this west coast beauty spot, there is possibly no where else you would rather be.

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Perthshire is the true queen of the autumn, when her big trees show a pretty riot of colour and warmth.
Woodlands feel all the more magical in autumn as the colours change.
Where better to coorie down than in a log cabin among the trees?
You won't want to stay in on afternoons like these, when the sun casts it last through the trees.
Autumn sunrises in Scotland are full of atmosphere as summer fads and the sun starts its journey south.
Nothing lets you know its autumn than the sights and honking sounds of migratory pink footed geese, who land in their thousands in Scotland from September.
The hills and glens are full of natural wonder as deer rutting season gets underway.
This beauty spot it perhaps the place in Scotland to see the season in all its glory.