25 'Yer da' jokes 2021: funny quips and one-liners poking fun at dads and their children on Father’s Day

‘Yer da gets sent fir the messages aff yer ma’

Many see former Scottish footballer and pundit Alan Brazil as the personification of 'yer da' (TalkSport)
Many see former Scottish footballer and pundit Alan Brazil as the personification of 'yer da' (TalkSport)

It’s Father’s Day this week.

A day for celebrating the most important men in the world for many of us.

Rather than celebrate them, however, we’ve compiled 25 of our favourite ‘yer da’ jokes.

For those who haven’t felt the cruel sting of a ‘yer da’ joke, the quip is used to describe any behaviour or mannerism resembling a dad, or a caricature of a patterless dad.

We’ve trawled social media for the best examples of Scottish yer da jokes – here are 25 of the best.

25 of the funniest ‘yer da’ jokes

Yer da stops at lights on Grand Theft Auto

Yer da sells Avon

Yer da farts under the covers and sniffs it (FutboIMane)

Yer da pronounces Alzheimer's as "Auld Timers disease"

Yer da went tae a Michael Bublè concert by himself (Andyleith88)

Yer da's just told a new workmate which football team he supports and added "...for my sins!" at the end (CraigGTelfer)

Yer da gets sent for the messages aff yer ma (_erinreid)

Yer da's just set up a 5's team. He's calling it Inter Yer Ma (JohnnyUtah100)

Yer da canny carry the shopping in a oner (davidhaughtonx)

Yer da wears clima cool sandals tae jump inty tesco for a loaf (paul_glancy)

Yer da stands ootside tesco asking folk tae scan his club card (CraigNelson11_)

Yer da plays club penguin (RossElder 2)

Yer da still gets his pals to ask yer maw if she'll get aff wae him (grantmcquatter1)

Yer da got the jail for stealing Argos pens (JamieKennedy95)

Yer da always takes a balloon home after family parties so he can practice his keepy ups (DavidWhyte_)

Yer da hauds the door open for people when they're 30ft away (redhatman)

Yer da's trackies pop up the sides (RKA0S)

Yer da still ask yur maw for money fur the icey (con_pats)

Yer da took the minus offer on the Chase

Yer da fastens the strap on his Wii remote

Yer da packs liquids in his hand luggage

Yer da’s computer password is ‘password’

Yer da pierces the film several times

Yer da claps when the plane lands
Yer da uses metal utensils on non-stick pans (NightmareModeGo)