11 jobs done by Sean Connery before he became a successful actor

Before his acting career took off, Sir Sean Connery tried his hand at everything from delivering milk to polishing coffins.

Sean Connery.
Sean Connery.

Upon leaving secondary school. the future 007 legend grafted hard in a variety of different roles - none of which gave his friends and family any indication of the level of worldwide fame and stardom that awaited him.

Perhaps Sean's most famous role after James Bond was that of milkman at St Cuthbert's Co-op. The Fountainbridge-based firm had stables on Grove Street near his house.

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A young Sean drove delivery lorries around Scotland for a spell upon leaving the navy.
Bonnyrigg Rose had a young Sean Connery on their books during his teenage years, for which he would have received a small weekly wage. Man Utd boss Matt Busby was reportedly keen to sign him at one point.
"Tam" enjoyed a three-month stint as a life model at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1952. Among those who painted his nude form is arts promoter Richard Demarco.
During the summer months, Connery worked as a lifeguard at Portobello Open-Air Pool, where it's said he enjoyed himself saving damsels in distress.
One of the more peculiar positions held by the future 007 was that of coffin polisher at J&T Scott in Haymarket, Edinburgh.
It is recorded that Sir Sean spent some time as a labourer, digging ditches and laying bricks for a local firm in Edinburgh.
A young Sean joined the navy after leaving school, where he trained to become an anti-aircraft gunner. Health issues cut his navy career short, however.
Connery's burly build earned him the doorman job at the Fountainbridge Palais. One story claims he single-handedly beat up several members of the notorious Valdor Gang, who had been causing trouble in the club.
Aged 18, Connery (not pictured) was built like a tank. Hejoined a local bodybuilding club and went on to become third in the "tall man" division of the Mr Universe contest.
Connery earned extra money during his early acting days by babysitting for journalist Peter Noble and his actress wife Mary, which earned him 10 shillings a night.