Widow of Scottish Government official accuses troubled hospital of deliberate cover-up around husband's death

A top Scottish Government official’s widow has said she believes staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) in Glasgow concealed details of her husband’s illness to protect the reputation of the troubled hospital.

Andrew Slorance, who was head of the Scottish Government’s response and communication unit, went into hospital to be treated for cancer in October 2020.

He later tested positive for Covid-19 and another life-threatening infection, both of which his widow, Louise Slorance, believes he contracted while at QEUH.

Mrs Slorance only discovered the fact her husband had been infected with the common fungus, aspergillus, which can be dangerous if it infects those with a weaker immune system, when she requested a copy of his medical records.

Andrew Slorance, who passed away in December last year at QEUH.

She accused officials of wanting to protect the hospital and its reputation “no matter what the cost”.

The QEUH is currently subject to an ongoing public inquiry into its construction after years of controversies around the quality of the building potentially leading to the deaths of children and other patients.

The health board said it had been open and there was “no attempt to conceal any information”.

Andrew, a father of five and lived in Edinburgh, worked as a civil servant on the Scottish Government’s emergency response communications, and previously worked as the First Minister’s chief spokesperson under Alex Salmond.

Andrew with Lousie and their children.

He was also a cancer patient, having been diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2015, suffering a relapse in 2019.