Life expectancy in Scotland, 2017-2019.Life expectancy in Scotland, 2017-2019.
Life expectancy in Scotland, 2017-2019.

These are the council areas in Scotland with highest and lowest life expectancies - new figures

Life expectancy in Scotland is continuing to stall and is now the lowest in Western Europe, according to the latest National Records of Scotland report.

Average life expectancy at birth is 77.1 years for men and 81.1 years for women for the cohort born in the period 2017-19.

The latest statistics suggest deprivation is a major factor in life expectancy with a 13 year gap between the richest and poorest areas of the country for men - and a 10-year gap for women.

Local data available from the report shows the differences in life expectancy between Scotland’s 32 council areas. Here is a list of the highest to lowest...