Scottish spa treatment: DermalClinic, Edinburgh

Radiant skin is just a flick of a switch away with an Ionzyme Facial at DermalClinic, Edinburgh

DermalClinic. Picture: Contributed
DermalClinic. Picture: Contributed

The treatment

A 30 minute Vitamin Infusion Ionzyme Facial, £75, or £125 for 60 minutes, £150 for 90 minutes, at DermalClinic, Edinburgh.

Why go?

Because you’re not in the mood for a namby-pamby facial. You want science and results, fast.

Our spy says

In the reception of this place, a mother, daughter and therapist, are discussing the benefits of vitamin A. Yep, this place is not only a spa, where they offer reiki and facials, but a serious dermatologist’s clinic, even if it is rather chi-chi inside, with a helix-shaped light feature in the maze of corridors.

The treatment rooms are also lovely. Mine had cityscape wallpaper, a huge skylight and candles on glass shelves.

Therapist, Jen, kicks off this experience by analysing my skin using a piece of gadgetry called a Visia (stick your head in and it takes photos of the right side of your face).

On a screen appears a dozen images of my fizzog, each covering various problems, from pigmentation to the presence of bacteria. I am mottled with sun damage in one, and have a web of bright yellow wrinkles round my eyes in another. Depressing, though, according to Jenny, I’m doing alright for my age.

She tailors the treatment to suit, and it kicks off with an intensive cleanse using a steamer.

Then it’s time for the Ionzyme machine to be utilised. A conductor is slipped under my shoulder, then a metal probe is massaged across my face so that electrical currents can push the gel-like product into deeper layers. It’s relatively relaxing, though tingly and I get a slight metallic taste in my mouth.

Next up is a cool rubberised mask, which is gently painted on. It goes over my eyes, and Jen gives me the option of it covering my lips too, though that’s not recommended if you’re claustrophobic (I abstain). More electricity is passed into this, through the process of iontophoresis, and I experience flashing lights in front of my eyes, which is a bit weird, though Jen distracts me with a hand and arm massage.

Finally, I’m anointed with various potions from South African brand Environ and sent on my way.

The results

My skin looks radiant. That’s just after one treatment, and they recommend a course of once or twice a week initially. According to Jen, compared to a regular galvanic facial, this one is 12 times stronger and penetration of products is 4,000 times more effective.

• DermalClinic (21-23 Church Place, Morningside, Edinburgh, 0131-447 2642,