Sanitary cash welcomed by Midlothian MSPs

Midlothian's MSPs have welcomed the news that free sanitary products will be available at schools, colleges and universities across Midlothian.

Scotland is the first country in the world to offer this initiative, thanks to £5.2 million of Scottish Government funding.

SNP MSP for Midlothian South, Christine Grahame said: “The notion that anyone should struggle to buy essential hygiene products is simply not acceptable and we should be proud that Scotland is leading the way in the fight against period poverty.

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“I would encourage everyone to get firmly behind initiatives like this, including the UK government.”

SNP MSP Colin Beattie, Midlothian North, said: “The SNP Government’s investment in free sanitary products will allow students in Midlothian to remain focused on what matters – their studies.

“Basic sanitary provision is a right, not a privilege.”

Following a successful pilot scheme in Aberdeen last year, the Scottish Government has also provided the charity FareShare with over £500,000 to distribute free sanitary products to women on low incomes across the country.