Nicola Sturgeon LIVE: Two new confirmed coronavirus deaths in Scotland

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Coronavirus in Scotland.

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Wednesday, August 26

Key Events

  • Two people who tested positive for coronavirus have died in last 24 hours
  • New Covid-19 outbreak in Hawick
  • Pupil in Edinburgh nursery tests positive for coronavirus
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Will the Scottish Covid-19 testing system be overwhelmed by children?

Conservative MSP for South Scotland Brian Whittle asks whether sniffles among school children could risk overwhelming the testing capacity of Scotland if they are encouraged to be tested. 

"How do we get out the message that Covid symptoms are not a common cold," he asked the FM.

Ms Sturgeon replied that there were contingency plans in place to increase testing capacity in the coming months, and insisted that anybody, including a child, should get tested if they develop Covid-19 symptoms.

New guidance for Scottish colleges and universities to be published next week

I don't want to politicise this but it is another issue where we need to stop having to plead with a UK government to change the way we do things, and actually have the ability in this parliament to put in place the systems that we think reflect our values as a country.

First Minister

Sturgeon backs całls for Home Office inquiry into Mercy Baguma death

Responding to a question from Alison Johnstone, Scottish Greens co-leader, Ms Sturgeon said she is "consumed with sadness and real anger" over Ms Beguma's death.

"I would support all efforts to establish the facts of this tragic case." she says "The UK asylum system is not just broken, it is deeply inhumane and it must be changed."

Leonard and Sturgeon clash on GERS figures

The Scottish Labour leader asks the FM where she would find the £15bn needed to cover the deficit, and the further £100bn he says is needed to set up a Scottish currency.

Ms Sturgeon insists: “We will use our powers and our resources to the fullest effect possible.”

She adds that mentioning the deficit is not wise given the UK-wide deficit is forecast to be £400bn next year. 

Mr Leonard points out that the Scottish deficit is 9% of GDP, compared to the UK deficit, which is less than 3% of UK GDP.

Richard Leonard: Scottish and UK governments should cooperate on jobs

The Labour leader called for the UK government to extend the furlough scheme beyond October, and for the Scottish government to deliver a quality jobs guarantee scheme.

Ms Sturgeon replied that her government had already set out plans for a youth job guarantee, and said if Scotland was independent now, he would not have to ask her to plead with the UK government to extend the furlough scheme.

Richard Leonard: GERS figures show Scotland’s £15bn deficit

FM: We will make care home data “fully available"

Ms Sturgeon responds to a question from Ruth Davidson on hospital discharges to care homes by saying she has asked Public Health Scotland "to look in detail" at the subject.

She sad she wants to know whether people who tested positive for Covid-19 were discharged from hospitals and sent to care homes, and what the “rationale” behind the decision was.

Daily figures for confirmed coronavirus cases in Scotland:

Bars, cafes and restaurants can reopen in Aberdeen from today, FM confirms

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