NHS Grampian launches its Plan for the Future

As the 74th anniversary of the founding of the National Health Service is marked, NHS Grampian is launching its ‘Plan for the Future’, the organisation’s strategy for the next six years.

The plan is based on three key pillars: People, Places, and Pathways.

It is focused on ensuring no person is left behind, that NHS Grampian, as an employer, makes a positive and meaningful contribution to the region, and that the care provided works for people, providing free and fair access to the services they require.

Deputy Chief Executive Adam Coldwells said: “Launching this plan on the NHS anniversary is no accident. The health service has weathered many storms since 1948, and while we should celebrate all we have achieved, we must look to the future.

Deputy Chief Executive Adam Coldwells

“To live in a fair and vibrant society where individuals are not left behind but flourish, we intend to focus on improvements for all citizens, joining with them in partnership to improve not only population health but also reduce inequalities and ensure timely access to healthcare when needed.

“I know that access to services is an issue right now and many people are waiting too long for the care they need. We want pathways that are quick, simple, and efficient.

"People should be able to access the right care, at the right time, delivered safely.

"At the same time, people should have access to care in a way that suits them with our pathways being adaptable and focused on the individual.”

The Plan for the Future has been in development since Summer 2021.

Throughout this period engagement sessions were held with patient groups, members of the public, partner organisations and NHS Grampian staff all offering their feedback.

Adam added: “I would encourage everyone in Grampian to read the plan, to understand the organisation’s hopes and ambitions for the coming years, and to consider how they could be a part of that journey.”

The NHS Grampian Plan for the Future is available to read at www.nhsgrampian.org/about-us/planforthefuture/