Motherwell man is pain free after losing 128lbs

A Motherwell man says he is finally pain free nearly eight years on from an industrial accident after losing 128lbs.

Scott Symington before joining Weight Watchers and the new slimmer version picking up his Gold Member award

The accident while driving a truck left Scott Symington needing several operations on his internal organs and had both knees replaced.

From 2012-14 he had a total of four operations, two prolonged stays in the High Dependency Unit and was on life support for five weeks.

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Scott said: “For 13 months of my life I was always unwell, in pain or recuperating from something and with mobility issues due to my knees.

“My weight just ballooned, before the accident I was a fit and healthy guy who always ate well, but this situation changed all that”

Scott joined the Weight Watchers meeting at Motherwell Services Club three years ago and weighed in at 29 stones.

He credits his coach Cathy Scarrow for keeping him motivated from day one and now weighs 19 stones 12½lbs, his waist has shrunk from 50 inches to 34 inches and he’s dropped four jacket sizes.

As he picked up a Gold Member award Scott said: “Weight Watchers has helped me be more aware of what I eat and has educated me on the healthy choices that have helped my weight loss.

“I love that the plan is not just about what you eat but also about increasing your activity and your wellbeing.”

Scott no longer has pain in his knees, is back to his active lifestyle and loves to walk to keep his fitness up.

He said: “If I can do it after everything I’ve been through, then anyone can do it.”