Learn to love your smile again with dental implants

Replacing failing or missing teeth with dental implants can go a long way in restoring confidence and quality of life.

The effect of missing teeth can be devastating on your confidence and negatively impact your quality of life.

At Vitaliteeth Dental Spa, implant surgeon Dr Nik Vourakis thinks what people enjoy eating and how people live shouldn't be governed by how many teeth you have.

"With the use of dental implants," says Dr Vourakis, "we can provide our patients with fixed, permanent, long-lasting solutions that feel, work and look like natural teeth."

Dental implants needn't be a painful, drawn-out process.

At the Ocean Drive practice in Edinburgh, Vitaliteeth Dental Spa utilises modern technologies like 3-dimensional x-rays and oral scanners to work towards "predictable, pain-free and fast procedures" that are minimally invasive but hugely effective.

"At Vitaliteeth, we believe that every patient is different," says Dr Vourakis, "so we are trying to provide our patients with bespoke, individual type of treatment that are going to meet their expectations.

"I love my job because not only do we restore smiles, but we restore the quality of life of our patients."

We recently interviewed Vitaliteeth Dental Hygienist Rebecca Faure on the importance of seeing your hygienist and breakthroughs in pain-free dentistry tackling patient anxiety.

Watch the video above to find out more about the modern technologies used by Dr Vourakis at Vitaliteeth Dental Spa.