Is health tech rising to the Covid-19 challenge?

From AI-driven vaccine candidate selections being rolled out it would also seem that a digital transformation in health care is now accelerating at a very fast rate. But how quickly are pharma and health tech companies are responding to the current pandemic?
The speed of change is encouragingThe speed of change is encouraging
The speed of change is encouraging


When you look at telemedicine overall, you will see that it has been hailed as a solution for services which are overstretched. This is especially those who care for individuals who have chronic or long-term health conditions. All in all, it is truly incredible to see that Covid-19 has made it possible to do what could never be done before.

The risk and benefit ratio for virtual healthcare has shifted massively and now all of the red tape has been cut. Conducting any follow-up or routine video calls can easily provide a much greater convenience for patients and it also helps to free up clinic time as well. This is ideal for those who would much rather have face to face appointments.

AI And Big Data

When you look at AI and big data, you will soon see that the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute stands out. This is not the first time that global pandemic has circled the globe so rapidly, however it is certainly the first time that the community has had such a wealth of accumulating data right at their fingertips. A lot of people believe that this is the ideal chance for big data and even AI to really prove itself.


The pandemic is rolling on but now healthcare professionals are facing a huge amount of new challenges. This is especially the case when you look at education. The dissemination of Covid-19 related learning and even the delivery of development are all ensuring that any recently retired or even newly qualified staff can return to work properly. As true as this is across all sectors, it looks like digital learning is now booming.

Large gatherings might be out of the question and annual conferences are now being moved online. The WHO has also done their research and they have found that it’s very easy to provide a level of understanding to the public. They are able to provide over 40 courses in 21 languages. They have also launched modules on the right way to take off and put on PPE. There’s also information that shows you how to decontaminate your medical devices as well.

They have also launched a learning app, and this has been developed to try and enable healthcare workers to expand their own life-saving skills so that the Covid-19 virus can be battled much more efficiently.

Of course, in a pre-COVID world, online learning was really on the increase and even though people are struggling to adjust to a post-COVID world, it looks like there have been some benefits. The healthcare sector has been debating the risks and even the benefits for quite some time and the adoption rate is now driving new tech more than ever before.

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