Covid Scotland: Scottish Government continues discussions with Valneva over Livingston vaccine site

The Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing site in Livingston is of “paramount” importance to the Scottish Government, health secretary Humza Yousaf has said.

Mr Yousaf met with representatives from Valneva this week, alongside the minister for business, tourism, trade and enterprise.

It comes after a £100 million order for the Covid-19 vaccine being manufactured at the site was cancelled by the UK Government.

The Scottish Government has previously said it is exploring options with Valneva to break from the four-nation vaccine procurement process led by the UK Government.

Picture: Getty Images


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Asked whether the emergence of the Omicron variant had influenced these discussions, Mr Yousaf told MSPs on Wednesday the Government will continue to be guided by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

He said: “This week, with the minister for business, tourism, trade and enterprise, I met Valneva to explore how the Scottish Government can continue to support the company’s work at Livingston.

"I put on record that support for Valneva’s investment at Livingston is of paramount importance to the Government.”

As well as investigating procuring vaccines for Scotland, the Scottish Government must also consider demand in less developed countries, Mr Yousaf said.


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"As well as looking for vaccine for domestic uses, Scotland prides itself on being a good global citizen,” he said.

"Therefore, we must consider what else we can do with vaccine supplies, particularly for the global south, where far too many of the population remain unvaccinated.”

He added: “Not only do I, as the Cabinet secretary for health and social care, remain supportive, but the entire Government remains supportive of the site in Livingston and Valneva’s investment in it.”


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