Former Falkirk nurse knows how vital organ donations are

A former nurse who lost her husband to a brain haemorrhage is honouring his memory by helping promote the upcoming Organ Donation Week.

Jane Hall, who worked in Falkirk Community Hospital, carried out her husband George’s wishes to donate his organs after he died in 2015 and is now supporting a series of events to celebrate the special week, which runs from September 3 to September 9.

Jane will visit Forth Valley Royal Hospital (FVRH) between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesday, September 5, to tell people how talking about organ donation with her husband prior to him taking ill, helped her make the decision to donate.

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Jane was working when she received a call to say George was unwell. She travelled to the emergency department at FVRH to discover he had collapsed at Ineos in Grangemouth with a catastrophic brain haemorrhage and had been in cardiac arrest.

Janes said: “Knowing my husband’s wishes after our discussion many years before, it was the easiest decision I made the whole day because of what we had discussed fully as a family.

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“George’s kidney’s went south and his heart was given to a woman in Newcastle. I am not sure where his liver and pancreas went but I would say to anyone facing this decision to do it in a heartbeat.

“I’m very proud of my husband for doing this. To know people are still around because he took this choice. Once you’re dead your dead, and your organs can help someone live.”