Covid Scotland: For some isolation is not just a pandemic inconvenience, it is their daily life - Alan Young

I like many, many others, have been in self-isolation due to a Covid contact.

The pandemic and the rise of the Omicron variant exacerbates isolated members of society
The pandemic and the rise of the Omicron variant exacerbates isolated members of society

I know, woe is me etc... My family is fine and that is all that is important to me.

For us, being forced into enforced quarantine really did not represent much of a challenge.

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We all know the routine by now, I have been working from home, and Amazon continue to deliver.

It is the responsible thing to do, and in the face of the developing news over the last week, there could be no thought of ignoring the rules.

We got on with it as a family, aided by fabulous family and friends dropping off supplies.

It has passed quickly and will soon be little more than an anecdote over the Christmas dinner table.

I am, however, painfully aware that not everyone is so lucky, and that thought has been playing on my mind much over the past 10 days.

The number of people being asked to self-isolate is inevitably going to balloon as the Omicron surge continues.

Many may be living on their own, far from family. Others may be vulnerable and elderly, struggling to access normal services as the pressure on the NHS increases.

Some will face a very lonely Christmas.

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The advice to cut down on social contacts and stay at home as much as feasible, will only increase this risk as visits dry up.

The community response we saw in the early days of the pandemic may well soon be needed again.

I know I’ll be making an extra effort to try to look out for those closest to me as well as the elderly and vulnerable who live nearby.

The festive season can always be a tough time of year for many, and this year may prove particularly challenging again.

SeIf-isolation for my family was almost a novelty. It’s done and we can move on and look forward to Christmas. For many others, isolation is their daily life.

Age Scotland’s helpline and Friendship Line is available weekdays between 9am and 5pm on 0800 12 44 222, offering advice, support, or simply a chat



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