Discover the latest hearing aids with family-run specialists

Fairfield Hearing are the region’s main supplier of Lyric hearing aids – with Stephen Fairfield the first audiologist in Scotland to be trained in fitting the devices.

These next-generation devices are placed deep in the ear canal, making them completely invisible

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, making it completely invisible, and requires no maintenance or batteries to change or charge.

Thanks to its unique placement, clients can enjoy the benefits of better hearing without anyone ever knowing they’re using a hearing aid and clients can simply forget they are wearing one.

"Lyric is an amazing product," says Stephen. "I've fitted lots of different products in my career but I have no doubt that Lyric gives the highest hearing satisfaction of any hearing instrument on the market.”

There has been a Fairfield testing people’s hearing, fitting hearing aids and looking after aural healthcare in the city since 1969, when David Fairfield and his wife Ella set up their business in Stafford Street.

Many years later, their son Stephen and daughter Ruth Porteous, joined the business, continuing the family traditional of offering exceptional customer service in a warm and friendly setting.

After a brief spell out of the industry, Stephen and Ruth are back with the new brand Fairfield Hearing, operating out of the same Stafford Street premises as their father began more than 50 years ago, with a real feeling of having come home.

As the first audiologist in Scotland to be trained in fitting Lyric devices, which are manufactured by Swiss company, Sonova, Stephen says he gets huge satisfaction from the fact that once they are in, people are able to forget that they ever had an issue with their hearing. Designed to be worn for 24 hours a day, Lyric also provides greater relief for those suffering with tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

“That is an incredible feeling and gives the user a great sense of restored confidence," he adds.

The product is replaced on a quarterly basis, either by an audiologist at Fairfield Hearing, or by the wearer themself. It can be purchased on a subscription basis so the cost can be spread throughout the year.

Stephen is a qualified dispensing audiologist with more than 30 years of experience and will assess, measure and fit to suit the client’s hearing needs, while Ruth is an aural care practitioner, looking after year-round hearing health, from wax removal and cleaning to specialist imagery.

The practice is situated in Stafford Street, just off Shandwick Place in the west end of the city, with easy bus and tram access, and good on street parking.

And Fairfield Hearing is not tied in to any one manufacturer, meaning “we can always provide exactly what is the right solution for each customer”.

To find out more about Lyric hearing aids, or to book a full audiological assessment contact Fairfield Hearing on 0131 378 5800 or visit them online here.