When will I be able to stay with my family? Rules around visiting other households in Scotland explained

Following the latest lockdown review on 28 May, the Scottish Government has begun to relax a number of restrictions as part of its four-phase plan to return to normal life

Several changes to rules came into effect on 29 May as Scotland entered into phase one, including relaxed rules around meeting up with family and friends.

What are the current rules on visiting family?

As of 29 May, family and friends in Scotland are allowed to meet up outdoors, providing social distancing is maintained.

Rules on meeting with family and friends indoors could be relaxed in phase 2Rules on meeting with family and friends indoors could be relaxed in phase 2
Rules on meeting with family and friends indoors could be relaxed in phase 2
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Rules state that one household is permitted to meet with one other household at a time in an outdoor setting, such as in a park or private garden.

There should be no more than eight people in a group at a time, and people should limit meetings to just one other household in a given day.

Scots can travel to different areas for recreation, although the First Minister asked people to travel on foot or bicycle as much as possible, and avoid public transport.

However, people are strongly advised not to travel further than five miles from their home to help avoid large numbers of people gathering at tourist hotspots, or local beauty spots.

Nicola Sturgeon also gave the green light for people to sunbathe and sit in parks and open areas from 29 May, but if crowds of people are in the area, Scots are encouraged to go elsewhere.

Barbecues are also now permitted, but if it is between two households, each should bring their own food, cutlery and crockery.

It is also considered acceptable to walk through a house to gain access to a garden, but under current rules, people from different households are not allowed to meet up indoors.

When will I be allowed to stay with family?

The rules on meeting with family and friends indoors are expected to be relaxed when the country enters phase two of its lockdown exit plan.

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To progress to this phase, the virus must be under control and the R rate of infection must be consistently below one.

When these criteria have been met, phase two will allow people to meet outside with large groups of people from a different household, with physical distancing in place.

It may also permit people to meet with family or friends in another household indoors, providing it is considered safe to do so and physical distancing and strict hygiene measures are followed.

When phase three is reached, life will begin to feel closer to normal and by this stage people will be able to meet with people from one than one household indoors.

When will the next lockdown review be?

The Scottish government will continue to hold a review of current restrictions every three weeks as a minimum, meaning the next review is expected to take place on 18 June.

Any changes could then come into force “within days” of this date, providing the country continues to make progress in its handling of the virus outbreak.

As such, a further easing of restrictions could begin from mid-June.

Speaking at her daily press conference on 8 June, Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland could move into phase two of lockdown on 18 June, after the country recorded a second consecutive day with no coronavirus deaths.