Watch as Nicola Sturgeon addresses Scottish children's questions on coronavirus

A group of 12 children from across the country to put their questions about coronavirus directly to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon as she took part in a special question and answer designed specifically for children.

Archie Simpson and Divyansh Bhowmick from Edinburgh were able to ask their questions after Parent Club - an online information and support hub for parents in Scotland – invited children to submit their questions to the First Minister via video clip in an effort to address some of the concerns they are facing in these challenging times.

Children across the country have questions about what’s happening and may be feeling anxious or scared as a result.

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Archie, 11, and six-year-old Divyansh asked Ms Sturgeon ‘when can I see my friends again?’ and ‘how does coronavirus spread?’.

The First Minister answered questions from concerned children about the virusThe First Minister answered questions from concerned children about the virus
The First Minister answered questions from concerned children about the virus

Addressing these questions alongside others including - ‘Why can I not see my granny?’, ‘Do you think the schools will reopen again before the start of next term?’ and ‘When will we be able to use the play parks again?’, the First Minister talks about the need for proper handwashing frequently, the symptoms to be aware of and explains the importance of staying home, minimising contact with other people and thanked families across the country for everything being done to help stop the spread of the virus.

Ms Sturgeon said: “We have introduced lots of changes to try and limit the spread of the virus and children across the country are having to accept a very different way of life right now, without much time to understand why.

“I know that some will be thinking it’s scary and I understand that. We want to help them at this difficult time by reassuring them that it’s okay to be feeling this way and to answer some of the key questions they have. It was a very important Q&A for me, and I did my best to give them all the answers they need in simple terms.

“We want children and their parents to feel as reassured as possible regarding the current situation. We know that they need up to date information, clear guidance and continuous reassurance as they navigate this change to their lives.

“Parent Club offers helpful guidance and support at this challenging time. We’re encouraging parents to use it as a trusted source of information and to connect with other parents while staying at home to protect themselves and their families from the virus.”



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