A further easing of coronavirus restrictions is set to take place on 19 July in Scotland, when the country moves to Level 0 (Shutterstock)

Scotland lockdown rules: full list of Covid restrictions easing on 19 July as country moves to Level 0

The whole of Scotland is expected to move to Level 0 this month, before all remaining legal restrictions are lifted on 9 August ‘Freedom Day’

Greater freedoms are hopefully just around the corner for those in Scotland, as the government is scheduled to move the country into Level 0 in mid-July.

If all goes to plan, the council areas which are not already in the lowest level of restrictions will see rules relaxed on social distancing, hospitality and events.

After that, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hopes to scrap all remaining legal measures three weeks later on 9 August, with Scotland returning to “almost complete normality”.

The move would be similar to the “Freedom Day” changes announced by Boris Johnson for England from 19 July.

These are the restrictions that will be lifted on the same date in Scotland if the move to Level 0 comes into effect:

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