'She’s a human being' - readers react after Nicola Sturgeon apologises for funeral covid mask breach

'She’s a human being' - readers react after Nicola Sturgeon apologises for funeral covid mask breach'She’s a human being' - readers react after Nicola Sturgeon apologises for funeral covid mask breach
'She’s a human being' - readers react after Nicola Sturgeon apologises for funeral covid mask breach
Hundreds of Scotsman readers expressed a mixture of anger and sympathy after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was photographed without a mask inside a bar during a funeral.

Last night The Scottish Sun published a photograph of Ms Sturgeon standing talking to three pensioners at a distance, but with her face uncovered in an Edinburgh restaurant.The picture was reportedly taken at the Stable Bar and Restaurant following the funeral of a colleague. Under Scottish Government guidance, hospitality customers must wear a face covering except when seated.

The paper quotes the First Minister admitting she had made a “stupid mistake” and was “kicking herself”.

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Commenting on the story on the Scotsman Facebook page, some people have said the First Minister is “only human” suggesting that it was an easy mistake to make.

Marjorie Campbell said: “Poor Nicola. It's not like she travelled to her second home in another part of the country, travelled on a train after a positive covid test or drove to visit her parents to check her eyesight. I'm sure her mistake could have been made innocently by any one of us.”

Claire Vitale said: “I'm sure we have all inadvertently broken the Covid rules on occasion. She's only human!

Lauren Ysanne Hall agreed saying that lots of people break the rules and the First Minister should be allowed a little mistake too.

She said: “Most of us break the rules in some capacity on a daily basis so I’m not even going to read what she did, I couldn’t care less, she’s a human being”

James Kelly added: “I can’t stand her policy’s as a unionist but with this bloody virus it’s hard to be perfect all the time, let’s be a bit more understanding with each other.”

However, plenty of people believe that the First Minister needs to adhere to the rules she sets out for everyone else in Scotland.

Angela Mcdermott said: “She out of all people should be on top of the rules she dictates to us every bloody day.”

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Another person added: “Rules are rules and if she broke them she should be held responsible.”

Alex Pajewski said that this isn't the first time the First Minister has broken the rules and that she needs to be more careful, saying: "You can now close your mouth when you see anyone break the rules.”

Some people went as far as to call for her resignation.

Chris Greer said: “Should resign immediately. Her credibility has long gone now. If any other party leader was guilty, she would be screaming for their resignation. Do the honourable thing and resign.”

David Cheyne wrote: “Time for her to go, her position is untenable now surely!”

Arthur Conboy added: “Resign immediately she has gone too far and lost all credibility. If the police don't charge her then they can't charge anyone.”

David Brown Jr. said: “Sturgeon is not fit to run Scotland.”

A lot of people have criticised her for being a ‘hypocrite’ for not following her own rules.

Mila Galvin wrote: “Typical. Do as I say, not as I do.”

Dalgleish RW added: “If Douglas Ross or Ruth Davidson had done this, she and the rest of the SNP goons would be calling for them to resign.”

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Carole Lyons said she can't believe the “outcry” made over a mask but takes issue with the fact that Ms Sturgeon enforces rules for everyone else that she isn’t following.

She said: “She’s threatened to make it law if we dare disobey any of these ridiculous restrictions - but it’s ok for her!!!! I cannot believe we have an outcry over a freakin mask, but madam Sturgeon - you insist for us - well...”

Brian Shepherd pointed out that she works hard and shouldn’t be criticised for a small mistake: “Give her a bloody break!!! Is it any wonder she’s made a mistake? Has she even had a day off since this all started??? Took a wee bit of time to attend a funeral!”

Olgui Morel said she wouldn't like to be in the First Minister’s shoes right now: “It's human to be wrong. There are people who don't put the masks on because they don't want to. People who only wear masks to get on the bus or enter a store. She already has too many responsibilities on her to be played by carelessness like that. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes right now.”

Liz Graham showed a bit of sympathy to the First Minister writing: “The haters will hang you out to dry Nicola. Resignation will be called for even although you were 2 metres apart.”

Someone else took a similar stance saying: “Who cares, she's been under so much stress, we all make mistakes!!! You all perfect??? Yes?????”

Laura Logan agreed and said at least she admitted her mistake: “I'm no fan of Nicola Sturgeon but how many of us have done something like this without realising. We are all human and doing our best through this. She admitted she made a mistake unlike some other politicians!”

Dell V Cessford didn’t quite agree, he said: “Well well well, what can we say and what were they doing having a wake in the stable bar in the first place??? She has now put a lot of people at risk I’m afraid and an apology doesn’t cut it.”

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Having previously threatened fines for breaching rules, Jane K Glass agreed that an apology isn’t enough saying: “Hope she fines herself.”

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