Scottish girls cover front of house in colourful chalk to add some cheer

Two sisters have used chalk to colour in the front of their home to lift spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mya, 10, and Mollie, five, got through boxes of chalk to make sure each brick was covered in colours of the rainbow.

The vibrant house now adds some cheer to their community in Ruchill, Glasgow.

Their mum, Nikki Murray, said the girls spent several hours over the last three days colouring each of the bricks.

Scottish girls cover front of house in colourful chalk to add some cheer

She said the two girls got adult help for the top half of the house.

The pair still have enough chalk left over for more outdoor colouring in.

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Drawings and paintings of rainbows have appeared in the windows of houses across the country.

Thousands of children have been encouraged to make the pictures in order to ‘spread hope’ amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Students across the country are stuck at home after the government ordered the closure of all schools in the UK.

Kayleigh Page, a mum of two from Gosforth in Newcastle, said her children were “adding to our window something bright and colourful everyday of isolation.”

In a post on Twitter, Kayleigh told her followers that her children had been feeling a little sad and anxious, and so decided to make bright and colourful art to put on their front window “to make people smile”.

The 25 year old said looking after her daughter, aged seven, and her son, aged four, was a challenge when the schools closed on Friday.

“The kids found it very odd at first,” Kayleigh said “and were quite down because it is so confusing not having a routine or seeing friends.

“They find it hard to sit still, so the first day was hard,” she added.

‘Get creative’

But when Kayleigh had the idea of making rainbows, the children felt better. The designs have proven so popular that family friends have started making them too.

Kayleigh says she is trying to get as many parents as possible to do the same. “ I would definitely encourage others to get creative like this with their children.

“Making them made the kids think about all the people they could make smile as they went past our house. It also kept their minds occupied.”


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