Scotland Lateral Flow Tests: Where can you buy lateral flow tests and are lateral flow tests available for free?

If you match certain requirements then you can receive free lateral flow tests. What are the requirements? Where can you buy lateral flow tests if you don’t qualify? Here’s everything you need to know.

Unless you meet certain criteria, free lateral flow tests are no longer available in the UK.

Therefore, individuals must be responsible for sourcing their own tests.

If you’re planning to travel, or feel unwell, then it is in everyone’s best interest that you test for COVID-19 and confirm if you are entitled to a free COVID test.

Depending on certain requirements, like having a health condition or working for the NHS, you are eligible for free COVID-19 tests.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How can I get a free Lateral Flow test?

For a free rapid Lateral Flow test, you need to meet the following requirements, according to NHS Scotland.

You’re heading to hospital: if you’re expecting a surgical operation or procedure you may be required to get tested. Check your letter from the hospital to see if mandatory testing has been stipulated or not.

A Covid-19 rapid antigen test (lateral flow self test) showing a negative result (as indicated by the mark corresponding with the 'C').

You suffer a health condition which entitles you to COVID-19 testing: if your health condition warrants free tests then you can order them from the NHS by yourself on their website.

You work in adult social care or for the NHS: if you are a Shared Lives carer, a social worker, an NHS patient-facing staff member, a worker who has direct contact with NHS patients, a personal assistant, or a Care Quality Commission inspector then you are entitled to free tests.

Unsure if you qualify for free Lateral Flow tests? To check your eligibility call the NHS number on 119.

Where can I buy Lateral Flow Tests?

You can purchase Lateral Flow tests at most pharmacies.

The average price, at a high street pharmacy, of a lateral flow test is £2.

If you’re looking for an online retailer then Boots is also recommended. Their standard Lateral Flow tests are £2.

Am I fit-to-fly with a rapid Lateral Flow test?

For travel purposes, it is best to consult the travel guidelines of the region that you are travelling to.

Typically, however, a rapid Lateral Flow test will not suffice.

Boots also offer a photo-verified lateral flow test with certificates for £14.99 that are suitable for travel verification purposes.

For more offers and information you can visit Boots’ ‘COVID-19 testing services’ page.

For price comparison, check pharmacies in your area to find out their rates and services on offer.

For additional safety, regularly consult NHS’ most up-to-date guidelines on COVID-19 and testing.