Phase 3 Scotland: dates rules change as indoor hospitality and holiday accommodation set to reopen

Scotland has moved into phase three of its lockdown exit strategy with hairdressers and indoor pubs both set to reopen
Scotland looks set to move from phase 2 to phase 3 of it's lockdown exit strategy (Getty Images)Scotland looks set to move from phase 2 to phase 3 of it's lockdown exit strategy (Getty Images)
Scotland looks set to move from phase 2 to phase 3 of it's lockdown exit strategy (Getty Images)

Scotland is cautiously moving through stage three of its lockdown exit strategy.

At a press briefing on Thursday 9 July, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the move with indoor pubs and hairdressers among the headline measures outlined.

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Ms Sturgeon underlined the need for caution, however, particularly with regards to meeting indoors.

She said: "We know that the risk of transmitting the virus indoors is significantly higher than it is outdoors.

"So it is essential that we all take great care and strictly follow all of the public health advice."

10 July: Meeting groups widened

From July 10 Scots are required to wear facemasks in shops. Police will be able to issue fines to those who don’t comply.

Adults are now able to meet in extended groups of 15 outdoors, from up to four other households, with physical distancing, from 10 July.

Children no longer need to physically distance while indoors.

A maximum of eight people from up to three households can meet indoors, again with physical distancing measures in place are also allowed to take place. If physical distancing can be complied with visitors will also be able to stay the night.

People who are part of non co-habiting couple no longer need to physically distance.

13 July: Dental practices and optometrists reopen

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Three days later, on July 13, outdoor contact sports will be allowed to resume, but only between children and young people.

Dental practices can also begin to receive their first patients on these dates, but only for non-aerosol treatment, while optometrists would allow patients to receive emergency and essential eye care.

Non-essential shops inside shopping centres would also be allowed to reopen from this date, but with strict physical distancing measures in place.

Woman can also have someone accompany them to ante and postnatal appointments.

Face to face youth work can resume outdoors.

15 July: Holiday accommodation and indoor hospitality reopens

From 15 July, the tourism and hospitality industries can continue their reopening process.

All holiday accommodation is now allowed to reopen from July 15, so long as relevant guidance is followed.

Restaurants, bars and cafes would be allowed to serve customers inside from this date, also, subject to physical distancing rules and public health advice

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Hairdressers and barbers can return to work from this date with enhanced with enhanced hygiene measures

Museums, galleries, cinemas, monuments, libraries will also reopen with physical distancing and further measures – such as advanced ticketing – in place.

All childcare providers can open, subject to individual provider arrangements.

Places of worship can reopen with congregational services, communal prayer and contemplation, but with limited numbers and a limit on singing and chanting.

There has also been a loosening of restrictions on attendance at funerals, marriages and civil partnerships, but with limited numbers till allowed to attend.

22 July: advanced education move to blended learning

From July 22 beauty salons and tailors can reopen so long as new hygienic measures are adhered to.

A phased return for universities and colleges, with blended model of remote learning and limited on-campus learning, where a priority, can get underway

Motorcycle instruction and theory testing can also get underway.

31 July and beyond

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The government has also outlined a series of steps that could be taken during phase three, but have yet to earmark them with an indicative date. It said that the following measures would not likely be in place before 31 July:

- Non-essential offices and call centres reopening, following implementation of relevant guidance, but working from home and working flexibly will remain the default

- Reopening dates for indoor gyms, live events and other entertainment venues.

- Bingo halls to reopen

- Driving lessons to resume

- Resumption of non-professional adult contact sport

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