Nicola Sturgeon statement LIVE: First Minister expected to announce phase three of lockdown easing

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Nicola Sturgeon is expected to announce phase three of lockdown easing.

Phase three will see indoor hospitality areas, dentist, hairdressers, museums and galleries reopen, with physical distancing in place.

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People will also be able to meet each other inside homes for the first time since March.

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE

The First Minister will be giving her statement at 12.20 pm today.

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Latest updates on Thursday

Key Events

  • Nicola Sturgeon is expected to announce phase three of lockdown today.
  • Lockdown measurements have eased for those who have been shielding
  • Restrictions are still in place for people travelling from Spain
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Questions end and Parliament is suspended.

FM: Gives undertaking to ensure clear facemasks for NHS

FM on the opening of pubs: Chosen to open establishments during the week rather than the weekend.

FM: Urges everyone to behave responsibly in pubs. People must comply with measures.


FM on music venues: Further support will be needed.

FM: some people in the sector have benefited from previous funds but there is no doubt that further financial support is necessary. 

FM: “If we don't get this virus to the lowest possible levels now then the situation we will face in winter....that challenge will be even more difficult to address”

FM: Yesterday's decision on air bridges was one of the most difficult decisions they had to make.

FM: Would encourage people to wear face coverings in any place that they felt unsafe.

WHO  has raised the concern of airborne transmission. 

FM: If this is proven to be the case - would pose significant challenges.

FM: Underline the importance of face coverings. 

Alison Johnstone raises concerns about the tourism accommodation sector opening and it’s impact on those still shielding.

FM: Guidelines always under review and government are always willing to listen and change when needed. 

FM: Anyone using Air BnB have to abide by the lockdown guidelines and the law at all times. Antisocial behaviour in Air BnB will not be tolerated. 

Alison Johnstone: Pays tribute to Xander Irvine, the three year old who was killed in Morningside in a car accident.

FM: "All of us struggle to find the words to convey the sense of sympathy they feel" for the family of Xander. 

Richard Leonard: Reminds parliament of his registered interest. Questions why Rolls-Royce workers weren’t involved in Union talks with government.

FM: No interest in the Scottish government to exclude anyone from discussions - will examine the union group. 

FM: Possible that Rolls Royce can be repurposed in Scotland. 

FM: This issue shouldn’t divide - SNP and Labour are ‘on the same side’ as this. 

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