LiveNicola Sturgeon briefing RECAP: 50 new deaths recorded in Scotland in 24 hours

Live updates on coronavirus in Scotland, the UK, and around the world.

Live updates on coronavirus in Scotland, the UK, and around the world.

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE

Nicola Sturgeon briefing RECAP: 50 new deaths recorded in Scotland in 24 hours

Last updated: Wednesday, 04 November, 2020, 07:05

Key Events

  • 1,433 new cases in Scotland as country records 50 new deaths in 24 hours 
  • First Minister urges the public not to travel to England or abroad 
  • More than one million people have been tested for Covid-19 in Scotland
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Still no clarity on furlough scheme for Scotland

First Minister has said confirmation on whether or not the furlough scheme will be available to Scotland once lockdown ends in England at the start of next month is still not clear.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that the scheme would "continue to be available wherever it is needed".

Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for housing, however backtracked and said it was down to the Chancellor to decide come December 2.  

The Scottish Government is still waiting for confirmation from the Treasury 

FM says the approach to getting students home for Christmas will be ‘cautionary’ - she is looking at encouraging staggered term ends and further advice on behaviour and isolation

MSP Monica Lennon asks Nicola Sturgeon to comment on transmission in schools

The First Minister said while she does not want to minimise the risks of Covid, she believes keeping schools open is essential for young people’s well-being.

‘Our objective is to keep schools open because that is in the interest of young people,’ she said. 

‘It might mean greater restrictions on the rest of the population to enable that.’

Dr Gregor Smith, also giving evidence in front of the Covid committee in Holyrood this morning, said transmission between children of young ages and young adults is very unusual, according to scientific research. 

‘When we go back to examining any cases we’ve had with schools, the most common feature we see is that those transmissions have happened outside the school environment - in social situations outside school or in family situations,' he said. 

‘The risk is being mitigated by the action that has been put in place across schools.’

Nicola Sturgeon says she cannot rule out a national lockdown for Scotland, and explains the measures that will be in place if it’s to go ahead

'A national lockdown would be achieved through the application of a level 4 approach.

‘I hope it doesn’t have to happen, but we cannot rule it out.'

First Minister is currently live in Holyrood giving evidence in front of the Covid Committee

‘The situation we are in right now is fragile,' she said. 

‘We need to reduce the cases significantly before heading into winter.’

Nicola Sturgeon to give daily briefing at 12.15pm

The First Minister will first give evidence to the Covid-19 committee at 9.30am this morning at Holyrood 

Nicola Sturgeon’s latest comment on the US elections:

“The ‘good luck, America’ sentiment of last night seems even more apposite this morning. Crucial hours and days ahead for the integrity of US democracy. Let’s hope we start to hear the voices of Republicans who understand the importance of that,” she said. 

Nicola Sturgeon to give evidence at Covid Committee in Holyrood from 9.30am

The First Minister is likely to be questioned about whether Scotland is going to go under tighter restrictions or not ahead of the winter period 

Actor James McAvoy has voiced his support for the arts in a new film urging people to support future students through a fundraising campaign.

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