Glasgow students to be reimbursed a month's rent after coronavirus outbreak

Students at the University of Glasgow are to receive a month’s rent and £50 towards essential food and supplies as compensation to the “disappointing” start to their university year.
Hundreds of students at Glasgow University are isolating.Hundreds of students at Glasgow University are isolating.
Hundreds of students at Glasgow University are isolating.

The University will also increase numbers of food parcels being delivered to those who are self-isolating due to a growing number of Coronavirus cases in the student population, with mobile catering units also to be installed in residences to make it easier to access hot food.

Hundreds of students at the university are isolating, with at least 172 positive cases among students living in university accommodation in Scotland’s biggest city.

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University principal, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, acknowledged that the situation was “not the start of academic life we would wish for anyone”.

Prof Muscatelli said: “I hear the concerns of our students in residences and I appreciate how difficult this situation is for them. From today we are rolling out significant extra support measures so they can more easily access food, health and wellbeing and other supplies.

“We are offering everyone in our residences, regardless of whether they are isolating or not, a one-month rent refund to compensate for the disruption they are facing, and any financial hardship they may have encountered.”

He added: “Our Living Support Team are also stepping up efforts to proactively contact students, check on their wellbeing and offer support. To make sure everyone has access to hot and fresh food, we will work with providers to install mobile catering units and give £50 to each student for food and supplies.

“This isn’t the start of academic life we would wish for anyone. To get on top of this outbreak we need to work together and support each other, I would like to offer my profound and sincere thanks to everyone who is isolating for playing their part.”

For those households that are isolating, the university is also to provide washing materials, fresh bedding and towels.

On Thursday, the university said it was dealing with two “significant outbreaks” of Covid-19 in its Murano Street and Cairncross residences, totalling 172 cases. However, it warned it would expect the number to rise over the coming days as testing is ramped up in the area.