Coronavirus in Scotland: Weather 'could cause problems for vaccinations'

The amber weather warning for snow and ice for parts of Scotland over the next two days could affect the rollout of the coronavirus vaccination programme, but the authorities are ready to respond to any issues, according to John Swinney.

Mr Swinney said the routes would be cleared around vaccination centres.
Mr Swinney said the routes would be cleared around vaccination centres.

The Deputy First Minister warned during today’s briefing that the snow could hinder patients and staff who are administering vaccinations.

He said: “As you will know the Met Office has put out an Amber warning for parts of Central and Northern Scotland today and tomorrow.

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“The potential disruption this could cause obviously has implications for the vaccination programme.

"For example it could make it very difficult for people to travel to their appointments.

"Or it could prevent staff who are administering the vaccine from getting to their work.

"The Scottish Government continues to work closely with local resilience partnerships, transport Scotland and other partners to mitigate any potential disruption so far as is possible.

“As part of that we are prioritising the clearing of roads in and around vaccination centres, that’s standard practice around NHS facilities whenever there is snow or ice.

"And so we’re ensuring that vaccinations sites are being given that same priority.

"These measures should help ensure that people will be able to reach their destinations.

"However, it is important to remember that if you are due for a vaccination and you are unable to travel because of the conditions, it is possible to reschedule your appointment.

"The appointment letter you receive has details on how to do this.

"But if you’re not sure you can check the NHS Inform website, or you can call the vaccination helpline on 0800 030 8013."