Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood will 'no longer front' Covid-19 public information campaign after twice visiting second home during lockdown

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer will no longer front the public information campaign after visiting her second home twice during the coronvirus lockdown.

Dr Catherine Calderwood was photographed by The Scottish Sun near her holiday home in Earlsferry, Fife at the weekend, going against government guidance.

During today’s Government briefing alongside First Minister Nicola Strurgeon, Dr Calderwood said her own actions were wrong and admitted she also visited her second home last weekend with her husband.

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Ms Sturgeon described Dr Calderwood’s actions as “wrong” but stressed her expertise has been “invaluable” and asked the public “not to be angry” and to allow her to continue providing her expertise during the pandemic.

Dr Catherine Calderwood was photographed visiting her second home in Fife.Dr Catherine Calderwood was photographed visiting her second home in Fife.
Dr Catherine Calderwood was photographed visiting her second home in Fife.
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Catherine Calderwood admits visiting second home twice during lockdown as Nicola...

But in a statement released this afternoon after the briefing, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “I am acutely aware of the importance of public trust in the advice the government is giving to stay at home in order to save lives and protect our NHS.

“To maintain that trust we will be revising our public information campaign and the Chief Medical Officer will be withdrawing from media briefings for the foreseeable future. She will continue to provide the Scottish Government with the scientific and medical advice on the spread of Coronavirus."

The current public information campaign is being wirthdrawn and the new campaign will not feature Dr Calderwood.

She was the face of a public information campaign which is encouraging people to stay at home "to help save lives".

Dr Calderwood has faced huge public backlash over her actions over the past two weekends, including calls to step down from the role.

Politicians from various parties have called on her to stand down, with one MSP calling her position "untenable".

Dr Calderwood has apologised repeatedly for her actions, and during today’s briefing she said: “I’m very sorry, it will not happen again.“This was a mistake, human error and there are no excuses. I should not have done what I did and I’m very sorry.“My intention is to continue to focus on my job.”