Are gyms open in Scotland tier 3? Exercise rules explained for level 3 areas including Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh

Many areas in Scotland will enter level 3 restrictions next week
As places in Scotland enter level 3 of Covid-19 restrictions, many people are wondering what the rules are for gyms (Shutterstock)As places in Scotland enter level 3 of Covid-19 restrictions, many people are wondering what the rules are for gyms (Shutterstock)
As places in Scotland enter level 3 of Covid-19 restrictions, many people are wondering what the rules are for gyms (Shutterstock)

Scotland will enter a tiered Covid-19 restrictions system next week, as part of the Scottish Government’s attempt to curb rising cases in many of the country’s regions.

The system is similar to the one which has already been rolled out in England, except it is a five-level system instead of three.

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Different “protection levels” - from Level 0 to Level 4, with four being the highest - will be imposed in local areas depending on the rate of infection.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Thursday that many areas - including Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow - will be placed under Level 3 when the rules come into place on Monday 2 November.

Parts of Scotland, including most of the central belt, were already placed under Level 3-type restrictions which saw pubs and licensed restaurants closed.

The new restrictions affect all aspects of life and many people have been left wondering what the new tiers mean for taking part in sport and exercise.

If your area is under Tier 3, here’s what you need to know about going to the gym, swimming pool and working out outdoors.

What are the Tier 3 rules for exercising?

According to the Scottish Government website, there are different rules for exercising depending on which level your area falls under.

For those in Level 3, indoor exercise is permitted, but only if you’re working out individually.

This means gyms and swimming pools are still open, but it’s not possible for gym exercise classes to go ahead. Under-18s are exempt from this rule and can still exercise in groups.

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Similarly, outdoor exercise is permitted except from adult (age 18 plus) contact sports, such as football, hockey and rugby. Professional contact sports can still go ahead.

Gyms will only be completely closed under Level 4, and as it stands no area in Scotland has been placed under the highest level restrictions.

It’s only within Level 0 restrictions that all forms of sports and exercise are permitted. In Levels 1 and 2 it’s the same except for adult indoor contact sports.

As well as restrictions on sports and recreation, areas in Scotland under the new Tier 3 rules will see cafes, restaurants and pubs close at 6pm each day. They are only permitted to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks indoors and outdoors.

All leisure and entertainment venues, including cinemas, are closed at this level, and travel outside of a Level 3 area is only permitted if it is essential.

In-home socialising is not permitted within Levels 1 to 4, although six people from two households can still meet in public places, including hospitality settings.

What parts of the country are under Tier 3 restrictions?

A large portion of Scotland falls under the Level 3 category. At the time of writing, these council areas are:

Glasgow City Renfrewshire East Renfrewshire East Dunbartonshire West Dunbartonshire East Ayrshire North Ayrshire South Ayrshire South Lanarkshire North Lanarkshire Inverclyde City of Edinburgh Midlothian East Lothian West Lothian Clackmannanshire Falkirk Stirling Dundee

Scottish Government advisers have indicated there are signs that progress is being made in the east of Scotland, including Edinburgh and East Lothian, but for now the areas remain in Level 3.