Cash for Midlothian library staff to join health team

Midlothian Council has received £54,336 from the Scottish Government to build a multi-proffesional healthcare team.
Midlothian House, Buccleuch St Dalkeith 19/2/18Midlothian House, Buccleuch St Dalkeith 19/2/18
Midlothian House, Buccleuch St Dalkeith 19/2/18

The Public Library Improvement Funding(PLIF), could see librarians re-trained to join this new healthcare team.

Alister Short, chief officer of the Midlothian Integrated Joint Board said: “This is a joint project between Midlothian, North Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire.

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“The money will be used to develop new ways of working that will, among other initiatives, bring people including librarians, healthcare professionals and the third sector together to support people with long-term health issues to manage those conditions and keep well.”