Cancer units plan corridor link at facility

THREE research units at a city hospital could be linked by corridors under improvement plans.

The buildings occupied by Cancer Research UK and Edinburgh University all work towards new discoveries in fighting the illness.

But scientists and clinicians at the Western General have long pointed out information would be better shared and relations improved if the three units were linked.

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Now, under proposals being considered by the health board, corridors between the three buildings will be created to make one large facility.

Dr Charlie Gourley, a clinical researcher based at the Cancer Research UK centre, said: "There are discussions about building corridors between the three buildings, which would make it easier for everyone to get together.

"It would link everything up and that's important and would make a huge difference."

It is further evidence of scientists and clinicians working together at the research unit, which Dr Gourley said could only help patients and progress research.

"It wouldn't have happened 20 years ago," he said. "There was very little interaction between the hospital and the lab. Now there is much more opportunity for it."