2 out of 5 Scots will be diagnosed with cancer

TWO out of five people in Scotland will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime, new figures show.
Picture: Ian RutherfordPicture: Ian Rutherford
Picture: Ian Rutherford

It was previously estimated that one in three would be affected by the disease.

But new figures from ISD Scotland show that incidence rates of cancer in Scotland have increased by three per cent over the last ten years.

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Although the number of new cancer cases has increased, other recent statistics show that the mortality rate has fallen by 12 per cent in a decade.

The figures also estimate that there are 165,000 individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer over the last 20 years in Scotland and who are still alive.

Health Secretary Alex Neil said: “These figures show that more people in Scotland are getting cancer, however, it is important to note that while cases of cancer have risen, survival rates have increased, and this means more people are living longer after diagnosis.

“We are determined to do more to meet the challenge of rising cancer rates, including that posed by the ageing population.”