Collaboration between academia and business is key to continued growth in fintech

The University of Edinburgh wants to be seen as a partner to businesses and together they can drive innovation through research for a brighter fintech future.

Throughout history, Scotland has had a credible portfolio of innovators who have consistently shaped the lives of all those who have come after.

Throughout the years, Scottish universities have played significant roles in groundbreaking developments and now collaboration in the name of innovation has reached the frontline of their agenda.

Professor Gbenga Ibikunle is the Chair of Finance at The University of Edinburgh. He believes greater collaboration between business and academia is the key to unlocking the greatest potential for future innovation.

Many businesses operating in Scotland have strong ties with Scottish universities.

Speaking to The Scotsman, he says: "The research we do in universities typically are expected to push the boundaries of knowledge and when they do, we can translate the insights we've gained from that into business context so we can help businesses innovate for the future."

Prof. Ibikunle would like the university to be seen as a business partner to companies, connected with their shared drive to innovate for the future. Furthermore, he sees the significant benefits of collaborating with likeminded universities who share The University of Edinburgh's ambitions of driving innovation through research.

"That's what makes universities good business partners," he attests.

Researching future innovation is only one side of the story - the university needs partners to put those innovations into effect in the real world and test their hypotheses. The Scotsman spoke to four companies who have worked closely with the university through academic research, sponsoring post-graduate students and compiling resources for symbiotic advantages.

Sponsoring a PhD student in Fintech is one way to collaborate with the University of Edinburgh.

You can hear from those four collaborators - Natwest Group, Franklin Templeton, Predictiva and DirectID - in the video above.

Through explaining their relationships with The University of Edinburgh, other businesses considering an academic collaboration can better understand how working closely with universities paves a unique road to innovation that benefits everyone.

- If you want your business to collaborate with The University of Edinburgh, please reach out to Financial Services & Fintech Sector Engagement Manager, Ksenia Grant for more information.