Doing Data Right: It's time to take control of our data

Chair of DMA Scotland Firas Khnaisser calls for greater transparency and user control over their personal data in the corporate space.

Understanding the value of your data is the first logical step to reclaiming ownership of your personal details.

Firas Khnaisser, Head of Decisioning at Standard Life and Chair of Data & Marketing Association Scotland wants people to take ownership of exploring what is being done with their data and how it is being monetised.

Talking at The Scotsman's 'Doing Data Right' conference, he said: "Sometimes we are seeing bad uses of that data, for example in the Cambridge Analytica scandal."

Firas speaking at 'Doing Data Right'

"These are watershed moments," he said, "because they show that while we subscribe to one thing, something else is actually taking place."

To find out more about the blurring lines between data consumers and data producers, watch Firas' interview from 'Doing Data Right' in the player above.