When does SAAS come in? Payment dates and other questions answered

Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) provide financial support to Scottish students undergoing full-time education in the UK.

With the demands of higher education often restricting students from entering full-time or even part-time employment, the bursaries and living-cost grant payments provided by SAAS are vital to ensuring the financial stability of thousands.

We spoke to the Scottish Government agency who broke down students' frequently asked questions.

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When do SAAS living-cost grant payments and bursaries get paid to students?

SAAS payments are vital for thousands of Scottish students (Shutterstock)SAAS payments are vital for thousands of Scottish students (Shutterstock)
SAAS payments are vital for thousands of Scottish students (Shutterstock)

Once your application for tuition fees, bursaries and/or living cost grants has been approved SAAS will send students an award letter detailing the amount and payment dates.

SAAS payments are generally made on 7th of each month or the closest banking day.

In December 2019 the payment will be made on December 6th as the 7th falls on a Saturday.

What's the difference between SAAS and the Student Loan Company?

SAAS and the Student Loans Company are two separate entities.

SAAS are responsible for the payments of tuition fees, bursaries and living-cost grants while the Student Loans Company is responsible for the payments of student loans.

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is responsible for payments of student loans.

When do SLC payments come in?

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SLC payment schedules are issued to students one month ahead of the beginning of their course.

According to SAAS, "Generally, payments are made on the same dates as bursary or grant payments from SAAS."

What should a student do if a loan payment doesn't come through?

Students should contact SLC if a payment doesn't come through on a scheduled date.

Their UK contact number is 0300 100 0611

What should I do if I change or withdraw from my course?

Students who change their course or withdraw from higher education altogether can notify SAAS by going to their online account and selecting the "Change of course/Withdrawal" option.