Tributes made after Glasgow Uni mascot cat dies

HUNDREDS of heartbroken students at one of Scotland’s top universities have being paying tribute to their beloved campus cat after he passed away.

Miller the cat, who became a fixture at the University of Glasgow, has died. Picture: Ross Barker/University of Glasgow/Facebook

Miller became Glasgow University’s unofficial mascot when he began to hang around campus buildings as a kitten 18 years ago.

The tabby even had his own Facebook page and the announcement of his death on Wednesday has already received 1,700 “likes”.

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He was “loved by all” and known for cheering students up as they left the library following a long studying session.

Miller was widely known as the Adam Smith cat due to his tendency to enter the eponymous building - a politics hub which was situated behind the library.





Laura Kerr, who lives near the campus and has owned Miller since he was only a day old, took to social media to let his fans know the sad news.

She wrote: “It’s with a very sad heart that I have had to let all you lovely people know that Miller passed away very peacefully and pain-free after being poorly for the last few months.”

The University of Glasgow copied the information onto their Facebook page, and their post has been shared hundreds of times.

Devastated students uploaded pictures of the friendly feline as tribute.

Marie Cure uploaded a photo of the tabby, with the caption: “Miller significantly cheering me up after a very depressing session in the library. #RIPMillerthecat”

James Harrison said: “So sorry to hear. I’ll always remember Miller poking into my tutorials when I was in first year. He was a lovely cat and really cheered up a lot of students on campus.”

The University’s Psychology department also tweeted: “Sad news indeed. Loved by all on campus for 18 years. #RIPMillerthecat”

A spokeswoman for the university said: “Miller was a very friendly and approachable cat, and everyone knew him. He was so recognisable and could always be found near the library.

“He will definitely be missed and I don’t know how we are going to replace him. It’s such a shame.

“The amount of people paying tribute to him is incredible. Everyone is saying that they enjoyed his company.”