These are the 12 best universities in Scotland

Some of the best universities in the UK are based in Scotland.

These are the top-rated universities in Scotland.
These are the top-rated universities in Scotland.

Here are the Scottish universities that made it into the Times Good University Guide, and how they ranked. The universities are ranked on a number of factors, including: teaching quality, student experience, research quality, entry standards, graduate prospects, percentage of students awarded first of 2:1s, completion rate, student-staff ratio and services and facilities.

Ranked 1 in Scotland and 3 in the UK.

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Ranked 2 in Scotland and 16 in the UK.
Ranked 3 in Scotland and 24 in the UK.
Ranked 4 in Scotland and 25 in the UK.
Ranked 5 in Scotland and 27 in the UK.
Ranked 6 in Scotland and 33 in the UK.
Ranked 7 in Scotland and 36 in the UK.
Ranked 8 in Scotland and 47 in the UK.
Ranked 9 in Scotland and 82 in the UK.
Ranked 10 in Scotland and 96 in the UK.
Ranked 11 in Scotland and 101 in the UK.
Ranked 12 in Scotland and 108 in the UK.