Teachers tell government more engaement will help overhaul

HEADTEACHERS have warned the Scottish Government its overhaul of the education systemm will fail unless it engages with teachers.

Jim Thewliss, outgoing president of School Leaders Scotland, will today use his speech at the organisation’s annual conference to call for more collaboration between teachers and ministers.

He will tell colleagues: “It is obvious to us that the government is not merely conducting a cosmetic review of education.

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“If the Scottish Government is to be successful in its vision, then the terms of engagement with this organisation are critical.

“If they wish to make teachers even better at their job than they already are; if they wish to have a curriculum which more effectively prepares young people for the 21st century; and if they seek to create an education system which will encourage the Finns to send fact-finding missions to Scotland, then they must engage with those who will lead and develop the implementation of their vision at the point at which is designed to have impact.”