Special offer for January philosophy classes in Scotland: Sign up for a 10 week in person course for just £10pp

Philosophy is credited with having many benefits, from improving critical thinking and problem solving skills to helping people find inner peace. Now, the School of Philosophy Scotland wants to share its message with even more people.

Find the answers to life’s tough questions within yourself.
Find the answers to life’s tough questions within yourself.
Find the answers to life’s tough questions within yourself.

The festivities are over but the noise continues for many, with problems looming and solutions hard to find. “Did you ever think that perhaps you have the answers yourself,” says Diane Piper from School of Philosophy Scotland.

She added: “For eons philosophers have approached and discussed the “big” questions in life. Who am I? What is life all about? Why is there so much misery in the world? Can I make a difference?”

Through weekly philosophy classes, she says, it is possible to discover your inner wisdom.

“Philosophy starts now, in the present moment, the moment of clarity. This is where the great philosophers live. It is ever present. It’s still here now.

“It is where peace, happiness and inspiration are found. It’s almost lost in the rush of life. Yet it is here now.”

What is philosophy?

There are many branches and forms of philosophy, but the School of Philosophy Scotland’s courses focus on practical philosophy.

“Our classes are accessible by everyone and are about tangible subjects such as happiness, freedom and love, and of course wisdom. We incorporate thinkers from other times and cultures, all underpinned by practices in awareness and meditation.

“For many people, the events of the past two years have raised big philosophical questions, for example around society and wellbeing, with people feeling the need to connect with others to debate and discuss their big questions. ­This is exactly what practical philosophy courses are for – it’s not all academia, yet it’s absolutely not ‘dumbed down’.

Classes available across Scotland

With in-person classes in Glasgow and Edinburgh, or online classes for those unable to physically attend, School of Philosophy Scotland has set a price point which will hopefully be available to all, to help with the cost-of-living crisis.

The 10-week course of sessions will draw on philosophies from east and west and explore practical way to rest in the present, so that you begin to answer the fundamental question: “Who am I?”

While in-person classes prove really popular, lockdown showed the School that remote classes work well for many, increasing access right across Scotland.

What’s involved?

A term lasts 10 weeks, with study days allowing students the opportunity to meet in person for in-depth discussions and practical work sessions.

­The School of Philosophy in Scotland is a not-for-profit educational charity, run voluntarily for and by students. ­The introductory term costs £10 for in person and £60 for online attendance with subsequent terms £75. To register for a place, please visit the website here.