Scots student debt lowest across the UK

THE Scottish Government’s decision to abolish tuition fees is helping to keep down debt levels, according to research.

Figures released by the Student Loans Company showed that the average student loan debt for Scots who have just become liable to repay their loans was the lowest in the UK at £6480. This compares with an average of £17,140 in England, £13,650 in Wales and £15,880 in Northern Ireland.

Education Secretary Mike Russell said: “Students and parents have been assured for some time that higher education is and will remain free for Scots studying in Scotland.

“We also have a generous package of student support.

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“But we want to do more and that’s why we are working to deliver a minimum income of £7000 a year for the most vulnerable students. I also recognise that more families are under financial pressure, so my aim is to improve the support available to all students.

“It is also important that students who do need to borrow extra money for their studies are aware that a student loan is the most cost-effective option. Average repayments are between £410 and £780 a year.”