Pictures rescued from Keane Wallis-Bennett’s iphone

Keane Wallis-Bennett. Picture: submittedKeane Wallis-Bennett. Picture: submitted
Keane Wallis-Bennett. Picture: submitted
POLICE rescued Keane Wallis-Bennett’s iPhone from the rubble of the wall collapse and had it repaired so her mum could recover precious pictures and videos.

Abbie Wallis, 34, said the phone had been damaged in the accident which killed Keane at Liberton High School on April 1, but kind-hearted officers ensured she did not lose a last link with her daughter.

She said: “The police took it to the Apple Store and they managed to save everything on it. There were about 2000 pictures on there and dozens of videos.

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“Some of them really capture her personality. I go through and look at them all – I’ve seen them so many times.

“They make me happy and they help me focus on happy memories.

“It’s how Keane’s friends will remember her – jumping about and laughing.”

She said she would go through the pictures with son Ryan, 11, and pick out their favourites to put in an album for him.

Abbie is also taking comfort from a series of 110 selfies of Keane taken on a friend’s iPod on the day she died.

They show her larking around with her mates.

Abbie said: “These are the very last pictures of Abbie and that makes them extra special.”

Abbie also found a video of Keane dancing to Miley Cyrus hit Party in the USA, which was on her iPad. She said the 2 min 32 sec clip summed up her daughter perfectly.

She said: “This is how I remember her: bouncing around and full of energy. The video makes me feel emotional, but at the same time I keep laughing at the way she was dancing.

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“It makes me smile and giggle – I’ve watched it at least 100 times.”

At one point in the video, Keane gives brother Ryan a big hug.

Abbie said: “It’s lovely that Ryan features in it too because he and Keane were very close.”