New teachers ‘frozen out’ of vacancies by probationary scheme

NEW teachers are being “frozen out” of jobs as a result of their profession’s probationary scheme, it has been claimed.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland has urged councils to advertise vacancies outside their local areas amid concerns some authorities are only allowing the probationers they train to compete for permanent jobs. Probationer teachers in Scotland do not choose where they spend their induction year. Now the GTCS has written to councils warning that many newly qualified teachers struggle to find work if not placed within the local authority where they trained.

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Many probationers who had travelled to “more distant parts” last year have advised against it due to difficulties finding work “anywhere near their preferred locations”, said Anthony Finn, chief executive of the GTCS.

While teachers can express a posting preference, there is a preference waiver of £6,000 for primary teachers and £8,000 for secondary teachers.