National Robotarium will give Scotland competitive edge in robotics

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The centre planned for the Heriot Watt Edinburgh campus will enable Scotland to become a leading force in robotics.

A new institute for robotics in Edinburgh plans to be a world-leading centre for robotics and artificial intelligence, focussed on revolutionising more industries with robots.

An artist's impression of the National Robotarium.

An artist's impression of the National Robotarium.

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics has already developed some of the world's most advanced autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for the Scottish offshore energy industry.

The creation of a National Robotarium on the Heriot Watt campus in Edinburgh will help researchers replicate their success offshore and apply it to other sectors such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing and agriculture.

The National Robotarium will be "people centred and technology driven" according to the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics Director, Prof. David Lane.

"Robots affect everything that moves, all around us," he says.

"What they're doing is taking people out of harm's way and making us more productive so that we can do more, more efficiently, and therefore make our industries more competitive."

To see plans for the Robotarium and hear from Prof. Lane, watch the video in the player above.