More support needed for truant youngsters in Govanhill

Concerns have been raised over children in the Govanhill area playing truant from school.

Residents have claimed they have repeatedly reported seeing youngsters in school uniform hanging about the streets during school time.

And there are now calls for additional support to be given to the children.

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Councillor Soryia Siddique said: “Govanhill and Crosshill community council and the local community are raising ongoing concerns that children are seen on the street shops, and parks during school time.

“Every child should attend school, since education and attainment is linked to life chances. This suggests that additional support officers are needed in the area which could maximise family engagement and child addentance.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said that the school have got the problem all under control and have been working closely with the local community and the young people.

The spokesman continued: “The school responded to some local concern of pupils congregating in the residential area and have been working with the young people, their families and the senior management team to resolve this.

“The pupils’ attendance is improving and the school will continue, along with the campus police office, to liaise with residents.”