MacLaren calls for delay in curriculum

CITY education leader Marilyne MacLaren is urging the Scottish Government to reconsider its plans to roll out the Curriculum for Excellence in its entirety in August.

A steering group which includes headteachers from each sector has raised concerns about assessment issue in particular.

Councillor MacLaren said: "I am extremely concerned to hear of the education secretary's plan to press on with the assessment element of Curriculum for Excellence, regardless of outside concerns.

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"Most teachers I come into contact with are very enthusiastic but doubts about assessment and standards are serious and well founded. A teacher workforce that is not confident will find it difficult to inspire confidence in pupils and parents.

Sometimes we politicians need to be more patient to get the best results."

Headteachers have also said that a further year would allow enough time to build on progress made to date, for teachers to take on more professional development activities and to ensure effective implementation.