Craig Finlay Memorial competition winner - Remarkable chapel reaches out to teenagers

Rosslyn Chapel has been getting involved with local schools to raise awareness of this inspiring site.

Rosslyn Chapel, photo by Sam McDonald, Beeslack High School.
Rosslyn Chapel, photo by Sam McDonald, Beeslack High School.

Rosslyn Chapel is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s most beautiful heritage sites. When the charity Rosslyn Chapel Trust was created in 1995, the main goal was to maintain the artistry of the site and to share its heritage with others.

Since opening, the chapel has drawn in many visitors from far and wide. Magnificent carvings, impressive gargoyles and its unique structure has dazzled guests for hundreds of years. The chapel has also featured in comics such as ‘Batman’, and Dan Brown’s best seller ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Despite the fame and thousands of tourists, the chapel remains unaffected.

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Playing an important role in the community, the chapel still thrives with its traditional church services and occasional weddings. Roslin village has a number of strong relationships with the chapel, and its young guide programme has been a huge success with the local primary school children. The way that Rosslyn Chapel engages with the community ensures its story will live on.

Recently, thanks to the education manager at the chapel, Fiona Rogan, teenagers from Beeslack Community High School are connecting and learning about the traditions and culture of our ancestors.

“Teenagers are thinking about future careers – perhaps seeing Rosslyn Chapel will inspire them to become historians, sculptors, writers, artists. We really do believe it’s an inspirational place,” said Fiona.

“If you have never experienced it, how do you know that you want it?”

The enthusiasm shown by staff is infectious, and creates a friendly environment where there is a lot to be learned.

The pupils have responded creatively to their visit to Rosslyn Chapel and the quality has been outstanding. From artwork to original music, stories and posters, story-telling and films, the hardwork and dedication shown by pupils is impressive. They even designed ‘exploding’ chapel boxes.

All this inspiration comes from one place: Rosslyn Chapel. Expertly delivered stories, carvings, history, and above all, the mystery has engaged and motived these pupils to achieve some stunning results.